If static IP addressing is enabled you are required to manually enter the DNS server information. If you are using DHCP for host addresses, assigning static DNS server information is optional.

Log into the DCUI by hitting the <F2> key and you will be prompted for the username and password. By default, the ROOT user is the default account. We will get into adding and changing the users with access to the DCUI as we harden the system.

Enter your password and press <ENTER>
DCUI Management Home Screen

Use your up/down arrows to navigate this menu.

Select Configure Management Network and press <ENTER>
Configure Management Network Screen

Select DNS Configuration and press <ENTER>

Use your arrow keys select the desired DNS config. If you are using static IP addressing the Obtain DNS server addresses and hostname automatically option is unavailable.

Select Use the following DNS server addresses and hostname and press the <SPACE BAR>

If you hit <ENTER> instead of <SPACE BAR> you will be brought back to the Configure Management Network screen and your changes will not be saved.

Using arrow keys and the <SPACE BAR> enter the DNS server IP addresses and a Hostname for this host.

Enter the DNS Primary and Alternate IP addresses and this hosts’ Hostname

If the host being configured is going to be part of a domain you can enter the FQDN of the host ( however, this isn’t required.

Once your changes are made and you press <ENTER> you will be returned to the Configure Management Network screen and you should see the new DNS and Hostname information on the right panel.

Current DNS configuration settings are shown on the right

Hit the <Esc> key and you will see a confirmation screen. Press <Y> to continue. Press <N> to return the network configuration to it’s original state, or <Esc> to continue making changes.

Select <Y>, <N>, or <Esc>

If <Y> is selected, the Management Network will restart and your new settings will take effect.

After rebooting, the host will return to the DCUI Home Screen and the IP address and new hostname should be displayed.

It’s a good idea Test Management Network after making these changes.

For more detailed information download the VMware ESXi Installation and Setup Guide from